Thursday, February 17, 2011

He was an army cook.

We all have heroes of one kind or another in our lives.  One of my heroes has always been Uncle Charles, my Daddy's brother.  

The first photo below is Uncle Charles in 1950, in the army.  He was an army cook.  The second photo was taken in 1953, an ex-POW in the Korean war.  He was one that made it home.  There are many heroes that never made it home. We're all thankful that Uncle Charles did make it home.

We always celebrated Christmas by giving gifts. We didn't decorate or have a Christmas tree.  But the year Uncle Charles returned home, we had a Christmas tree for the first and last time.  I use the word 'we' liberally here.  I wasn't born for another tso years!  

Mother at Christmas

Uncle Nobel, Granddaddy Waddie Lee, Uncle Charles Lee in 1953

While I speak of memories, I can't allow these photos to go back into the nothingness of a computer folder without sharing them.  After Stephen and I married, Uncle Charles visited us often.  Those visits were wonderful times.  We always played board games and he would update us on his children and how they were.  We never spoke of his experiences during the war and I never have told Uncle Charles how much I appreciate his service and him.  Although one of many who paid a terrible price for our freedom, he is one of my dearest heroes.  

Uncle Charles

(Published with Uncle Charles' permission.)

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