Monday, January 31, 2011

Lila Jane Lee's Snake Memories

(Lila Jane sent her snake memories and gave me permission to share them!  On a farm, the gals can drive a tractor too.  The great thing about growing up as a Lee farm kid was that it didn't occur to us gals that we couldn't do what many people consider mens work.  It was all the part of a normal day.  The account below is written by Lila Jane.  Lila Jane is Great Uncle Nobel's daughter, the same age as my oldest siblings.  )

I was harrowing one day in front of our house and a big rattle snake was on the ground in front of the tractor. I stopped the tractor and got up in the seat and yelled rattle snake and Daddy came running. He caught the snake and put it in the basket. The next day he gave me $5.00 and I asked him what that was for. He told me it was for the loudest yeller on the farm. I for one hate snakes of any kind.

He sold all his snakes to Ross Allen. He started to get off the tractor in the field and looked back and there was a big one there, if he has not looked back he would have stepped right on the snake. He didn't have anything with him, so ran the tractor tire over the snake and walked to the house to get a hamper.

(Side note: You can run over a snake without doing any damage to it.  In soft dirt, a tractor could sit on a snake for a long time without harming it.)

Lila Jane

Grandma Daisy, Uncle Nobel, Aunt Lucy, Lila Jane, CK

Lila Jane holding me

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  1. I love this blog!! Sometimes I miss home so much. I'm originally from Alabama but live in Louisiana now. Although I love my adopted state, the content featured here makes me feel like I'm home for a little while. Thank you so much!